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Why Choose Coincommunity Consultancy

Coincommunity is a Dutch cryptocurrency consultancy specialized in Mining -Speculation -Trading -Altcoins -Blockchain

The Mission of Coincommunity is to teach Dutch society the use and understanding of Cryptocurrency. Encourage enthusiasm and entrepreneurship with crypto technology. Coincommunity offers a friendly and easygoing enviroment to learn and get aqquinted with the crypto field at your own pace in the Wework building located in Amsterdam,Netheralnds, On this page you can find information on services and how to get in contact with us hopefully we see you soon!



Technical support


Featured Services

Crypto Strategy Consulting -€50/hourly

What is Bitcoin?

you’re going to learn exactly what bitcoin is but even more importantly what it is not. How the Bitcoin protocol works? Learn the depths of exactly how Bitcoin works.

Why Bitcoin has value?.

Learn why Bitcoin has so much value, why people trust it so much and why its gained so much popularity.

Where to store your Bitcoin? Learn about Bitcoin wallets and how to safely store your Bitcoin.

How to profit with Bitcoin and the new cryptocurrency economy? Learn exactly what we are doing to profit in the new cryptocurrency economy.


Technical support - €60

How to buy & sell Bitcoin?

  • How and where to buy your first bitcoin
  • How to sell your bitcoin for cash or alts
  • How OTC Negotiations Work
  • Who Participates in the OTC Market
  • When to Trade Bitcoin OTC versus on an Exchange


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